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Dear Advocaters, In this issue of the HCV Advocate newsletter we have SnapShots, new articles as well as a new feature called Hepatitis Headlines.

Rockland County tattoo and body piercing shop Modern Age Tattoo in Nanuet, NY. We offer custom tattoo designs by our talented tattoo artists and a …

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Smilin’ Rick’s was established in 1994, and is dedicated to providing our clients with a safe and sterile environment. Our professional and friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and do our best to make you feel comfortable.

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Cleaning Needles & Syringes What is the best way for a person to inject drugs without getting or passing an infection? The best way to avoid infections is to use a new (sterile) needle and syringe each and every tim

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When it comes to a new and fresh tattoo there must be some proper care. Not just your aftercare creams, but in your daily routine. Before you go to the gym, make sure that your tattoo is clean and wear some clean cotton clothes.